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What can you expect?

We have heard your feedback on the need for a more informational and robust website. We understand that an efficient online ordering system is paramount to saving veterinary clinics time! We strive to create a user-friendly experience. 

  1. Increased information on available products including:

    • Strengths

    • Dosage forms

    • Pricing

    • Expiry from date of compounding

  2. Improved online ordering capabilities including:

    • Order History

    • Ability to re-order or modify past orders

    • Secure ordering of controlled drugs and narcotics using a secondary password uniquely created by each veterinarian

    • Order for office-use or a specific client

    • Prepopulated clinic information based on login credentials

    • Favorite's List

  3. More information on Chiron Compounding Pharmacy including:

    • A gallery of our pharmacy's facilities

    • Meet our pharmacists

    • Relevant news related to veterinary medicine and pharmacy practice

    • Contact Information

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